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    Feasting in the Peach-plum Garden in Spring Night(春夜宴桃李園序)

    [江油李白故里網] 日期:2016年9月2日847作者: 來源:放大字體正常縮小關閉

    李白 《春夜宴桃李園序》


    Feasting in the Peach-plum Garden in Spring Night By Li Po   The world is aninn for all creatures and time is a passing traveler of endless generations.The floating life is like a dream, and how brief the enjoyment is! Indeed, itwas with good reason that the ancients made nocturnal excursions by bearingcandle lights.

    It should beindeed more so with us now that the sunny spring invites me with vapouryscenes, the big earth provides me with such a beautiful picture. Here we gatherin the beautiful garden of peach and plum, and enjoy fraternal love. Youyounger brothers are all men of refinement and elegancy like Hwai Lien, butamidst singing and chanting I myself feel ashamed to be compared with Kang Lo.

    Before silentappreciation comes to the end, our lofty chat turns to puretalk. The ambrosianbanquet is served amid the flowers, and the flight of the winged goblet makesus drunk under the moon. Without fine poems how can our refined taste besatisfied? If anyone fails to produce a poem, let him be punished according tothe rule of the Gold Valley Garden.

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